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Okay, so I’m straying here…this is not a food post.  I’m just in the mood to share. 

I took my son to the beach today and we had so much fun.  It’s hard for me to believe that July is about to end.  I was so anxious for summer to begin so that I could spend more time at home with him and tinker around my little house. Seriously, it seemed like the first of June would never get here and now I’m cringing as summer’s end is closing in.  

In less than a month, I will walk him to his first day of class for his Kindergarten year.  Now that’s real, big-boy school.  He is a super, duper smarty-pants though…I’m going to be much more nervous than he is.  

View from my beach towel.

Hard at work, filling up bucket after bucket of water for his pool.
Our beach neighbors built “a pool” in the sand.  He was happy to continue construction after they went home.

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