We Went to Savannah, Y’all (Part II)

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Beautiful, large Live Oak tree in downtown Savannah, GA.

Since we returned from our road trip vacation, so many people ask me these two questions: “So, why did you pick Savannah? What did you want to see there?” Well, in a nutshell…I love to learn about history, but more than that I wanted to see trees. 

Yes, trees! 

Those large, Spanish moss-covered trees, that are so prominent in every film I’ve ever seen set in Savannah, were calling my name and I just had to see them in person. The Georgia greenery I’ve always wanted to see certainly didn’t disappoint and the lush landscape was the number one attraction for me throughout the areas of the town we visited. But, as it turned out, we were staying only one block away from the historic Forsyth Park and just a 10-minute walk away from River Street dining and socializing hot spots. So, several times a day we made our way inside different establishments to enjoy appetizers and drinks too. 

Before we headed out on the town each morning, we would pick specific destinations to go see, but it was incredibly easy to get distracted once we started walking through the historic district. We stopped often to admire an amazing, old home we were walking past or look a bit closer at a fascinating fountain, sculpture, or historical marker in one of the old town squares we wandered into. 

From here on out, I will let my pictures and and a short video I took at Wormsloe Plantation do the talking…er, eh..writing. Just know, that as hard as I’ve tried to capture what we felt when we were there, this small photo post doesn’t do Savannah justice, in my opinion. Once we arrived in the city, we swiftly realized just how much there was to do and see and how little time we had. But, please don’t think the fact that we know there was so much more to do around Savannah is disappointing for us. In fact, it’s quite the silver lining because we are already planning our return trip next year (and we can’t wait!).  

These shots are a combination of pictures I took on both my iPhone and my Nikon d3300. 

Old Homes

The famous Mercer House. No, we didn’t have time to take the tour, but we will next time!

Forsyth Park

Famous Forsyth Park Fountain (1858)
Confederate Monument
Old Town Squares We only saw few of the 22 there are downtown. Some pictures didn’t turn out as well as others… I totally blame the “to-go” cups!
Monterey Square
Jackson Square

Wormsloe Plantation and Historic Site    We came to this spot specifically to see this amazing tree-lined entrance. We had no idea about the historical significance of the plantation until we were there. Again, a return trip is in order to look around a bit more at this beautiful place. 

Famous Oak Alley on the Plantation. 
Took this impromtu video on our way to exit the property. I wish I had made the video on our way in instead! It really seemed like the driveway went on for miles in the other direction.

River Tour
View of the Savannah River that runs through downtown. 
Cruising parallel to River Street hotels and restaurants we enjoyed visiting.
Evan and I on our last night there. Had a great dinner on River Street!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our vacation pics and I sure hope you enjoyed them.  A new recipe post will be up soon!  xoxo


  1. Loving all the pictures! Savannah is one of those places not enough people know about — so pleasant there, isn't it?

  2. I enjoyed them very much! Savannah looks like such a beautiful city and it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Hi David, it's so pretty there and there's lots of fun to be had downtown. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Cheri! We really did have a blast πŸ™‚

  5. Such a wonderful tour through the city and region. I haven't been to Savannah since I was 11 – I think it's time to go back!

  6. Gorgeous photos…the place looks so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing, Marcelle.

  7. Beautiful pics Marcelle, looks like you had an amazing time.

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