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Teacher Appreciation Day Cookies!

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This is just a quick picture post of some fun cookies I made last week for Teacher Appreciation Week. I donated these 3 dozen cookies to my son’s school. The teachers and administrators on his campus work incredibly hard to get our energetic kiddos through each school year successfully. I know lately they’ve all had some really long days, so I hope these cookies brightened their Friday afternoon. 
Today is the day of state assessment testing for elementary schools across Texas. So, if you can, please take a minute to send prayers or good energy to all of the little students here. I know my son has felt a bit of anxiety about this big exam, so I just know your positive thoughts will help get him and his classmates get through this morning’s test! 

These pictures were taken with my iphone, not my Nikon. As my luck would have it, my big camera needed to charge when these cookies were dry and ready for a photo shoot. 

I’m definitely going to think up some other themes to use these notebook paper decorated cookies with, I think they are so cute! Have a wonderful Monday, everyone and please enjoy the pics. 


  1. Marcelle- I love those! Brava!

  2. So creative! I love the writing paper cookies 🙂

  3. Hi Marcelle, your cookies are so creative and wonderful, such a clever way to say thanks.

  4. Very cute! A+. 🙂

  5. You did a terrific job! I'm sure everyone really appreciated them.

  6. i always gave my teachers homemade cookies, though they were in no way as adorable as these! nice job!

  7. Great job! These cookies are so adorable.

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