Feng Shui Icon Cookies for the BFF

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Lately I’ve had a good swell of activity in my cookie business and that is good for me, but bad for the people who check my blog for activity and recipes. But, I’ll just try to reassure anyone who needs it by using those everlasting, powerful words of Arnie: “I’ll be back”. It is true that sometimes I may have to disappear briefly to get some bakery orders out.  
Now, this is primarily a picture post of what are, without a doubt, my favorite of all the cookies I’ve made to date!

My best friend, Tracy, is a talented massage therapist and she regularly attends all kinds of educational meetings to discuss things related to her business. Apparently, knowledge of the principles of Feng Shui is a thing with people in her industry.
Now, I’ll be honest with you about my prior knowledge as it related to Feng Shui at the time she ordered these cookies: I knew it related to how to place furniture in a home. (errrr. or something like that, right?!) 

So, when she called to asked me to design and decorate three dozen cookies with a Feng Shui theme to take to one of her meetings, I happily accepted the challenge. 
After that conversation, the very next thing I did was log in to my laptop to research what I had just gotten myself into. 
I felt like I won the lottery jackpot when I searched and quickly found a site titled “Understanding the Principles of Feng Shui For Dummies”….perfect!
In a nutshell, Feng Shui is about a humans creating an environment that promotes harmony and about how placement of possessions and people affects every situation. It’s really deep stuff and honestly I just skimmed for the basics and then moved on to researching applicable images. 
I know, dedication at it’s finest, right? Hey, I got the gist, but I’m a cookie artist and I love pictures. 
I found all kinds of relevant images and I chose to make cookies based on those that seemed most prevalent in the search results. Here’s what we went with: koi fish and the yin yang symbol. And, cherry blossoms weren’t so much in the Feng Shui category, but I made them because I knew my friend would love them…and they’re pink!
I decided to decorate with royal icing and make fondant accents to create some cool 3d effects on these cookies. Yes, it was time-consuming to make all of those fish scales with fondant, but I’m so glad I did it that way. 
If I could be in love with cookies, I would definitely be head-over-heels for these koi fish cookies. I hope you all enjoy the pics and I hope Tracy’s friends enjoyed their Feng Shui cookies!
One extra pic of this guy.  I loved them all, but this one was my favorite fish!

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