Extended Vacation Is Now Over!

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No, of course, I have not forgotten this blog!  I’ve just been out of town and I’ve stayed busy trying to catch up after we got home!  Immediately after returning from our trip, I had a little rush on cookie orders and a little spike of business is always welcome after a trip full of restaurant dining!   Now, thankfully I’ve gotten things back up to speed!  Well, mostly anyhow.

We’re making it a family tradition to hit the Texas Coast for a long weekend each year May.  We go to celebrate our wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day.  It’s a nice break in the monotony of a busy work schedule for us, a long school year for our son and it’s just plain fun for the 2-year-old and the dog.

While we were there we ate out at restaurants way more than usual, and being completely caught up in relaxation, I just ate the food.  Nope, I didn’t photograph any of it until the last day we were there!  I am constantly snapping photos of food, so you’ve got to know I was really lost in the moment!

On our last day there, family members that live nearby came and took our kids for an overnight visit and the husband and I had a rare day alone together.  We spent time at the beach, did a little shopping at a city-wide rummage sale and went out in search of some really grown-up food.  

We stopped in at The Boiling Pot restaurant which neither of us had been to before. We had no idea what to expect, but it was Cajun-style, boiled seafood that was really spicy and delicious!  After we sat down, the waitress excitedly tied bibs around our necks and then our table was covered with butcher paper.  When the food arrived in a bucket it was just spilled out on the table for us to pick up. It was definitely a different sort of dining experience and we loved it!

Here are some pictures from our trip. As usual, I snapped at least one hundred pics of the kids, but sharing only some of the fun ones.  Thanks for stopping by!

Weather was perfect! Warm and breezy!
She had no interest in the water, but loved her brother’s mask!
Yay for peaceful sibling moments!
Star Crunches helped create another peaceful sibling moment!
The  road-trip entertainment!
Wore his mask the whole ride to the beach.  Couldn’t wait to play!
Mandatory bib-wearing selfie.
Mandatory bib-wearing pic of the husband.
The only food pic of the trip! 
Wind-blown selfie on our last night away.
Throughly enjoyed the view of the bay from our hotel.  

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