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Ah, the much anticipated inaugural blog post…much anticipated by me, anyhow.  I’ve been excited to get started for months now on this page, and, well, here we go.   

I have written for Suite101 and Examiner as a food writer.  While I had great experiences on both sites, I look forward to doing this my way now, without pesky editors telling me how they prefer it done.  I intend to share my love of cooking, baking, and food, in general, with anyone who is willing to read.

I am addicted to the ooohing and awwwing that comes with serving up something great to eat.  That addiction started when I was a little girl and an eager assistant cook and baker to my mother, who as a mother of five children, stayed pretty busy.  When I would serve anything, and I mean anything, to my father he would respond as if I had just served him sunshine on a plate.  I have been hooked on making food and watching it recharge people’s moods, and distributing a little guilty pleasure at times, ever since.

I am an avid home cook and it is safe to describe me as a wanna-be-chef.  I have a huge recipe collection that I began putting together over 15 years ago and I am still adding to it.  At times, I’ve wondered what I would ever do with all of those recipes…I’m fairly certain this blog is my solution.

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